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Mosquito Management

While protecting residents from toxic chemicals

4740 W. Mockikngbird Lane #195636, Dallas, TX 75219
Source mitigation


Treatment and removal of sources

Correction and treatment of storm drains and sewers.

Property Inspections


Quick response to mosquito nuisance calls. 


Professional assessments to help residents minimize future calls.

Application of biological larvicides


Application of biological larvicides for short and long-term control of mosquito larva in areas where mosquitoes have a history of being present.

Fogging to kill
adult mosquitoes

High pressure sprays and ULV fogging in and around sensitive areas where poison or aerial spraying are ineffective.

Licensed and Insured

Mosquito Mister Natural, LLC is insured as required by the Texas Department of Agriculture and is licensed to provide pest control services in the following categories: 

  • General structural pest control (commercial and residential)

  • Landscape and agricultural pest control (commercial and residential)

  • Public health pest control (federal, state, county, municipal, subdivision or vector control district) 

Vector License
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