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Are mosquitoes breeding in your storm drains?

If you have underground drains and live in the Dallas area, the answer is very likely, Yes.

Stormwater drains are intended to move water away from your home to avoid damage to your house or yard.  Unfortunately, if a drainage system is not designed and installed properly you may end up storing all that water underground, and creating a perfect breeding and hiding place for mosquitoes.

Do's and Don'ts


If you must install drains underground, make sure you do NOT use flexible pipe.  It will end up with low spots and each ridge collects dirt and water.

Instead use rigid pvc pipe and be sure it’s laid so that water does not collect anywhere in the system.


Don’t connect downspouts directly to underground pipes. Maintenance or cleaning of the system is not possible and if there’s standing water in the system, mosquitoes will enter the drains through the downspouts.

Instead install catch basins under downspouts.  The grates will trap debris and can be screened to keep mosquitoes in/out.


Never let a contractor install one of these in your yard.  It’s called a “pop-up emitter”, most cities do not allow them, and there are better ways to terminate a drain (but not many are better at creating standing water for mosquitoes).

If you suspect your underground drains or other areas of your yard are causing you to have more than your share of mosquitoes, or if you are planning drainage work and would like to be sure it does not create a mosquito problem, call us at 214-647-8377 or visit us on the web: dd media to your posts

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